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[Backstory] Dr. Stone...


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As a doctor you become caring but also ice-cold along the years. Working with dying people everyday hardens you in a way most people cannot even imagine. Still, to even become a doctor you have to be caring, willing to help the weak whom are in great need. When the apocalypse broke out I hid and barricaded the hospital along with many others. I hadn't even fired a weapon before this all happened but that changed quite rapidly. Soon after this we were overrun and had to flee. Most didn't make it through the long corridors of the building but those who did fled to a forest in which no zombies had been spotted. We made a field-hospital and helped several sick and wounded. As with any heaven in a hell, it vanquished. Now, the real story begins...

OOC: After reading others stories I realize this might be an extremely short one, I hope this doesn't pose a problem... I really want to be a part of this community. If you'd like some more I can most definitely give it to you.

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Dear colleague, welcome to this hostile land. Sure as hell we can use another medic. I think you will never have problems with unemployment here. Good luck!

One of the main reasons I became one from the start. Weather it's a nuclear war, peace, intergalactic warfare or a zombie apocalypse; there will always be employment. I will never have to starve... If I play my cards right.

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