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Hello? Can anyone hear this? (US2)

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Um, hello?

*muffled* Does this thing even work?

Hello? If anyone can hear this, my name is Josef, and I am calling from the town of.... the sign says... Cernaya Polana. I have not seen another living soul in four days after I became separated from a man named Muldoon in Berenzino overnight.

I tried to follow a compass to the southwest from Berenzino, but as the sun set I realized it must be broken as it has been lying to me unless the sun has begun to set in the south.... Now, I don't know where I am.


I will wait by this radio for a response for 2 hours for a response, and then I will move on to... somewhere.

Stay safe.

*crzzzzzk static*

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*zzzzzzk static*

"Josef. My name is Cal Plysnovic, I am in the town of Zelenagorsk. If you can make your way here, I know where a refugee camp is. There is many people, promising protection, food, water. Anything. Just make your way to me. But stay away from St- *zzzzk* There is bad people there, they will kill you for anything..... And then eat you. Stay away from there. *Heavy breathing* Just stay away.

*Another mans voice is heard, just faintly*

"Cal. Come outside. Its them."


*End of radio transmission*

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Surprised at the sound of another human voice, I grab the rado

*zzzzz click*

Mr. Plysnovic? I have heard you! Looking at this map I found, I am some distance from you. I can try to move in that direction, but it sounds like there is much unknown and worse, much danger between us. I will listen again in the next town.

*transmission ends*

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** Alin Stoica hears the transmission comming through his shortwave radio, stationed in his Health Care Center **

Hello Josef! This is Alin Stoica speaking.

I am a nurse, currently stationed in a town just west of Berezino!

You mus be north of the civilian airport, yes, yes you are....

** Alin pauses briefly **

Try to move south, back towards Berezino. Maybe you can come towards us. We have settled down in this town. We can offer you shelter, food and medical assistance.

Whatever you do, stay safe and stay healthy!

Alin Stoica out.

** You'd hear a loud click followed by static noise **

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*Vincent sitting down by a fire in Chernogorsk hears a distant radio signal, he grabs his radio into his hand, placing his AK on his lap*

Hello Vicen-Bzzt Bzzt Vick here, Me and my Fr-Bzzzt- are setting up a saf-bzzzzzt- one here, if yo-bzzt- here one day-bzzzt-ome see us w-bzzt- ave food and wa-bzzt- And we ca-bzzzzzzzt- protection. Ho-bzzt- to-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-


*Vincent places his radio in his pouch, looking at the engraving on his gun, waiting for a reply. Unaware of the bad signal from the distance

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Amy startles awake, shooting upright in bed beside another sleeping form. Panic emerges first, but is soon quelled by a scowl as she realizes she'd left her radio on. The static---not the voices---had yanked her from sleep.

For a few moments, she listens. But when the static dies along with the voices, she quickly snaps the volume dial on her radio until it clicks "off".

"Ugh," she groans sleepily, and huddles back against the warmth of another human. "More people to befriend or contend."

"Huh?" grunts Luke, half-asleep.

"Nothing," she murmurs. "Shaddup and go back to Wonderland."

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