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Face Of Mankind

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Hey everybody so as of recently a game I used to play (Face Of Mankind) is moving towards a Strictly Roleplaying MMO. The game has had its IG Roleplay moments like having a player run senate and government, the ability to capture player worlds, etc But they have decided to add some really cool features:

New mechanic changes

In-game voice communication

Necars Field or DMC will be a high-yielding Penalty Point prison (whichever is harder to get out of)

Arresting will be limited to the LED, with some minor abilities to FDC (to be decided)

Interface bug fixes

Drop the requirement of creating a custom faction to 5 players

Caveat: There will be strict activity requirements for these factions to be maintained.

Methods for factions to advertise globally in-game (to be decided)

Disable global chat

Alternatively only have a colony chat

Resolve patcher slowness (to be decided)

Strict requirement of role play names (first/last)


Sadly FOM is hurting, player base is down, no money for ads, and they are reverting to marketing communities. As roleplayers I thought we might like to help so please check the game out, its free to play and a ton of fun.

Face of mankind



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