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Modify M249/L110 ammo so they are interchangeable

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As per the subject I'm not sure if its intentional or a bug but currently you can't use the 200rd Stanag Belts in the M249, and I assume the same is the case for using M249 Belts in the L110 though I haven't found an L110 to test it.

The reason to make the ammo interchangeable is simple, the M249 and L110 are the same weapon (Belgian FN Minimi Light Machine Gun) and are the designations used by the US and UK military respectively.

As they are variants of the same weapon it makes no sense for the ammo to not be interchangeable. After all its not like you can't use 30rd Stanag mags in the L85 or other M16/M4 variant weapons.

Hopefully it should be simple to fix this.

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Guest Jamie

Well, the PIP SAW is actually a bit different then the older MINIMI, but they both do use M27 belts. I'll look into it, but it shouldn't be that hard of a fix.

Cool, thanks for looking into it so quickly!

On the todo list :)

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