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KOS us s2 - Berezino machine factory attack

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Server and location: US S2 - Berezino Machine Factory

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24:58 08/02/2015

Daytime or Night-time: Daytime

Your in game name: Fitz Williams

Names of allies involved: none

Name/Description of suspect/s: 2 suspects, Main suspect: unknown name, Male, Yellow Jacket with Green Jeans. Second suspect unknown male green shirt and green pants with blue work helmet.

Suspects weapon/s: possibly an Ice Pick or Hatchet

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no footage sorry

(upload any YouTube footage as 'unlisted')

Detailed description of the events:

I was running through the factory with my shotgun holstered when I saw a male in all green run into one of the side rooms so I stopped to make myself known the second I finish saying hello a male yells "hands in the air" as he is saying this I turn around in surprise get a quick glimpse of the character and the second he finishes saying "hands in the air" he hits me in the head with either an icepick or hatchet by the looks of it killing me instantly as I did not have any head protection.

Sorry there is no more information regarding this attack as it happened very quickly.

Thank you!

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Wrong Place - needs to be moved to report discussions.

Seems like a clear rulebreak for me - logs will get them banned.

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