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So, I meet some guy down in cherno, give him ammo, food, etc, help him out right. I get him to Elektro, befriend him, share my character's past with him, etc. We get to the church in Elektro, set up a fire and he starts blaming my character for causing the outbreak by shooting 140 children... or something. I say I know nothing, and he starts saying "I dunno if I can forgive you". He then screams "I can't forgive you!", no warning, and shoots me in the face.

Is this BadRp (as in reportable), or just general douchebagerry?

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Guest Vittoria

Yes... that's completely against the rules.

1. Its BadRP

2. Its RDM

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At any point if you feel a rule has been broken feel free to post a report discussion.

At the very least you can help other folks by posting it for them to read it and seeing what not to do in those circumstances and prevent future issues and reports from other folks here. The discussions also bring the actions of others into the open and bring about meaningful discussions of why they did what they did.

I hope this has answered your question.

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Aye, it's a shame these guys are around but they seem to be dealt with pretty quickly. It's an ongoing support case as we speak (he's temped until it's resolved) so it has been dealt with really fast, I'm rather impressed.

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Its good to hear that its well on the way to being sorted out.

I hope you get a desired outcome. If you have any other questions let us know.

//Marking as solved

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