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Pushtoshka - All Channels (US Servers)

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*He picks up his radio, after putting away his journal and pen*

"Hello? If anyone is out there, this is Frank, but I go by Daniels most of the time. Pushtoshka, if anyone remembers that place, then you should know that all of us want to go back. It was a wonderful trading post that was always filled with happiness, and it would be a good place to repopulate. I beg of everyone, it is lonely out here now, and at least seeing a couple people there conversing about trading, their past, or how they're gonna handle this problem would be heart-warming. Pushtoshka is a nice town as well, plenty of place to settle inside and outside of it, but the biter problem has increased there due to no one being there and anyone who would occasionally drive through or shoot nearby. It should be easy to clear out with some friends, the quieter the better! Eventually, with a lot of work and effort, that town could be completely fortified and a nice place for civilians and even groups to put aside their differences and come together. We all need to have the mind set that yes, the world has gone to shit, but I'm.. WE'RE... not gonna go to shit with it. Daniels Out"

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** Alins Stoica rushes towards the stationary longwave radio at his Health Care Center, pushing the microphone and starts to speak **

Hello Daniels! I am glad you are still with us. There have been so many lives lost already.

I hear you are at Putoshka. It indeed was a nice place. But I can not remember it was a trading post? I have been living for 27 years in this province now....

I do remember there was a super market and a great pub...

But other then that, no, can't remember.

** Alin pauses briefly **

Since the outbreak of the infection, allot of people have been searching for shelter and grouping up again. I wish you good luck with settling there. But if you ask my honest opinion? Try to move elsewhere. Putoshka is an in and out traffic door for people with bad intentions...

** Alin pauses for a few seconds, and you hear some loud noises and shouting in the background **

Great... They just brought someone in. Seems he's been attacked by those infected.

I, myself, am stationed in a Health Care Center in a smaller town up north. There are quite some people living here with me.

Reach us on our frequency 136.52Hrz. Anyhow, got to go now.

Stay safe and stay healthy

Alin Stoica, signing off

** You'd hear a loud click before the transmission becomes static noises **

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Switching between channels Eric found a new voice, later with one he knows

"Hey there... you want a place to settle down? Well - as the guy said before me... Putoshka is maybe not the right place. Just to warn you... bad people are out there. Whatever you do - stay safe and be carefull.

A short moment of silence follows

"Dont want to hear another story of a failed new founded city okay?

A click and static follows

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