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A Day's Travels - Daniels' Logs

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*He rest his back against the wall of the compound, and gets out his pen and paper*

"I left the prison today, it was a nice place, but it was too populated because of that transmission. I want to secure it, but it is as good as taken already, too many would die for it to not even be much of an accomplishment. When I reached the coast, I found a vehicle, a working one, so of course I took it and I headed to Myshkino Quarantine Zone. When I went through Zelengorsk, I drove past two men, I wanted to help.. I really did, but there was only enough seats for one, so I just kept driving. After checking the quarantine zone, I headed to Pushtoshka... I took a picture at the old trading post, went to Toni's old camp site, and looked at my destroyed house... it brought back so many memories... good and bad... and I'm happy I went. I drove on to Vybor military base, and met some Chedaki, openly admitting they were. Luckily, I made some stuff up and they didn't kill or rob me, I offered the truck since I didn't need it, and tried to trade, but they didn't accept much, so I went on to the airfield. The airfield did not hold much for me, I did get some more ammo for my MP5 however. I met one man, but he was in a hurry, so it was a short talk. All in all, today was nice, I feel refreshed, and hopefully the Pushtoshka trading post can be reinstated as homey to the public...

*He takes a piece of tape and his picture and it puts it on the page, then continues to walk on*


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