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Guest Sire_Mimsky

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Guest Sire_Mimsky

My head was full of voices, strange, tiny little shouts, like in kindergarden behind the wall. Then adult screams. And everything mixed with the sound of sea waves. This sea I dreamed about every year, when we were planning holidays with parents. Now this sound, over and over in my head was getting annoying. Almost as annoying as salty taste in my mouth and my wet clothes. I felt cold. I couldn't see where I am. It was dark. I could only hear this fucking sea. I hate it now.

I don't know how long I was lying on the beach. I felt cold, then too hot, like I was having a fever. Propably I felt asleep, because Fucking Sea stopped making The Sound for a while. I woke up with rays of the sun on my face. And The Sound, of course. I nervously turned my head and I saw was a wrecked ship... "At least now I know how I got here" - I thought. But what "here" is? - I subconsciously asked myself not expecting the anwser. Eastward is sea. So I had only three options. I crowled up outside the beach and slowly stood up. After around fivty meters I walked onto road. I saw a sign which said: Березино to North, Светлогорск to the South. Where to go?

After many months of long, draining and dangerous journey I stand in front of the same sign. Strong, believing in myself. Now I know where to go. I'm not the same person as ever before. I'm not scared. I know my world and how to manage it. I learned the rules in this brutal part of the world. And I love it. I can't imagine living somewhere else.

Hi, my name is Mimsky aka Sire Mimsky. Sorry for my language (especially grammar... ) in advance - english is not my main language.

I'm hoping to be whitelisted to so I could continue my journey in true RP way on this servers :) See you!

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  • Sapphire

Hello Sire_mimsky! Welcome to the community! Good luck on your application. :)

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