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Lunatic Characters

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Ok so the title basically says it all.

What is the best way to roleplay a lunatic/mental character without having issues with the rules of course.

This is a question for the next character I want to play as, he is a doctor/researcher that came to chernarus on vacation. Once he gets here the zombies come and he starts to go mental from seeing so many people die in front of him as he is trying to help them.

Soo yeah thank you for your time in answering my question and have a good day :D.

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Just like any character, do it in the rules and roleplay how you please, its all good if its within the rules. I'd talk to the Inmates about tactics though. Haha.

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As long as you play within the rules it should be fine. That being said I would take dales advice to seek out the inmates in the teamspeak/pms and ask for pointers on how they do it. As I myself have never played a mentally unstable character and wouldn't know where to begin.

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I suggest having a look on different medical sites, that tell you the symptoms associated with whatever mental problem you are going to play.

From what you are describing is a person whose been traumatized and he has given up all hope on trying to save the people around him. So you would research what lengths trauma would go, how you should act, and how it would be cured, if you want it to be curable.

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Read through your characters specific problems and make sure you know them. With the rules you just want to make sure your roleplay isn't trolley or offensive to people with that disorder. I'd recommend you do something special with your character if you want to stand out from others, like a rare disease or something. Seeing as everyone is "insane" now. If you want you can meet me on Teamspeak and I can help you.

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I feel the answer's given above are some excellent replies regarding your question.

Iv always felt regarding playing someone with a mental condition it is best as pwncaiks101 has stated to look into the disorder itself to make sure you do not do it wrong and come across trolly and in some cases offensive

Do you feel your question has been answered ?

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To paraphrase Captain Blackadder: Who would even notice another madman? Honestly, on most days it seems like I'm playing the only sane person left in Chernarus.

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Glad to hear it, feel free to keep asking and discussing as long as you wish!


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