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Looking for someone I was playing with

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  • Emerald

Going to start this off saying this was my first day playing on dayz rp so please excuse the newbery that is about to unfold. Basically I was RPing with a person by the name of "Pedro Gonzalez" on EU3, and we played for a few hours. I had to go, roughly about 20 minutes ago to start some school work. Pedro asked me what my steam name was in chat using the ooc prefix, stupidly I immediately responded in chat what it was without using the prefix and so I'm unsure whether he received the message or not. I'm wondering is there anyway I can find out this persons steam name, or if anyone of you folks know this persons steam or forum profile. Apologies on my behalf as I know not using the prefix is violating a rule, for that I am sorry. I am a total noob on this forum/server so apologies for that once again and if this thread is in the wrong section again I apologise. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone that replies.

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  • Sapphire

You can post in this thread and mention that you were the person playing with him


There is a good chance he will see it, that's if he's active on the forums.

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