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the prodigal son returns!


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  • Emerald

I have Returned!

Finally after a long wait for Persistent Vehicles, Admin Logs and Better Battle eye support, I can return to play as normal!

Who am I? Well I'm a player from the United States (Minnesota it be more exact) I have been a member of this community for quite some time. I recall the CDCR settlement being around when I first started playing. Unlike a majority of player, I stumbled on upon DayZRP on my own accord not through any youtube videos just a run of the mill google search.

I have been in and out for a the last few months and have been apart of clans such as CRA and CDF. I have joy for writing and you will inevitably find one of my Group ideas during your time here, none of them seem to last very long but I enjoy each of them.

Currently I am playing as a Hiker/Son of a archaeologist who had returned to chernarus with his father to explore castle ruins in the region. I am trying to change my roleplay from a soldier or insurgent and go for something more mundane to see if I can make it interesting.

I hope to meet many of you IG and hopefully not on while staring down your barrel.

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  • MVP

Welcome back to the apocalypse!

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  • Sapphire

henningggggg, welcome back babe

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