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IC relations =/= OOC relations

Guest Marcus Williams

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Guest Marcus Williams

In the past two weeks of me playing on the server after RP was being enforced, I've seen an increase in flaming in Shoutbox over how people RP or what they do in character. I believe that this needs to stop. What people do in character shouldn't affect yours or someone else's relationship with them out of character.

Please post replies/ thoughts on this.

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You right,

I can be VERY angry at someone in game (IC) but once we are on the forums, no hard feelings.

I do understand why some people are angry, they take it too personal, maybe.

But if I do get rob by bandits and they RP, I don't see a reason to be angry at them, it's their role. I mean, I respect them and I will thanks them BUT, I will hunt them to death in game.

I think some people do not understand the difference between in game character/forums (real life)

It's a "role", it only apply in game.

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Reacher, as a character, hates bandits. With a passion.

I, as Reacher's player, don't.

Granted, I rarely see much of said bandits other than IC - they tend to ever be in-game, or 'playing their role in SB' - so it's hard for me to determine who they are in an OOC sense.

So I can only assume the bandit players are alright people, who aren't necessarily robbers and thieves in real life.

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