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Nationality question.

Guest alexandru1208

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Guest alexandru1208

A short question I'd like to ask for my additional knowledge of DayZRP

Is it possible for Romanians to live or visit Chernarus before or during the outbreak of the infection? Knowing that Chernarus fell under the Soviet Nation and knowing most of it's occupation in multiple countries of East Europe.

I would find that very easy for me to Roleplay as my nationality along with other Romanians I might encounter, maybe get lucky and get the chance to re-edit my submission (In case I get rejected)

We have Russians in role-plays and Chernarus citizens, American UN volunteers and whatnot here and it would be best if I hear your opinions on this.

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  • Emerald

You could roleplay as a Romanian. If you go around Chernarussia, you wil lsee allot of billboards advertising tourism.

So you could roleplay as a Romanian civilian that was a tourist.

There are many other possibilities as well, like for instance a Romanian Red Cross.

So yeah, no worries roleplaying a Romanian character. Although, make the backstory believeable...

I met a Croatian Sniper Soldier today. I asked him why the Croatian Army was in Chernarus. He said he was send alone.... At this point I gave up listening to his backstory...

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  • Emerald

It's best to say you were a tourist or something prior to the outbreak, it would be questionable if you went into Chernarus during the initial outbreak.

Considering the amount of Americans, British and Western Europeans being in Chernarus, I don't see why not.

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Personally, I don't see why it would be an issue. Practically every character is a foreigner. I play a character that's a tourist, and of both my own nationality and ethnicity.

Additionally, you're not bound to the character in your application. You can change the character or use an entirely different one when you actually play.

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Guest alexandru1208

I had this idea of having a character handy with radio's and a conspirator, as well as visiting Chernarus to find out more about the land.

Maybe be apart of a team sent to take footage of Chernarus for a documentary about it, finding themselves isolated due to the outbreak.

Sounds good? (Enough?)

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  • Sapphire

Remember, too, that DayZRP takes place in a modern day (2015) timeframe, so the Soviet Union hasn't been around for a few decades. I believe that, at the time the outbreak occurred, Chernarus was a democratic country, and routinely accepted tourism and visitors from other countries.

My character, for example, migrated to Chernarus and received dual citizenship so she could run a business.

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Guest alexandru1208

I expected a more older timeline, but it's alright.

I could make something up once I get submitted. Thanks for all the fast replies.

One more final question, forum related.

Where on earth do I find to add a signature? I cannot seem to find it via options.

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  • Legend

You need to have one hundred post on the forums before you can have a signature once you do it will be in the user cp. Has the answers the community have given answered all of your questions?

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  • Titanium

Good that you got the answer. If you have any more questions dont be afraid to PM me or any other Community Helpers.


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