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Alt-tab crash and changing anti aliasing crash

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For the last few Dayz releases I am getting an instant crash if I alt-tab to desktop.

It happens in menu, server list, game...it is always dayz.exe error.

It is happening for the last 2 months. I updated graphics drivers many time since then, I have DirectX updated, I tried disabling steam overlay...the result is always the same.

Game also crashes if I change anti aliasing to any different setting as disabled.

Changing every other setting to anythign works fine.

Am I missing something?

Thanks :)

This is from the dayz.exe error log on alt-tab










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  • MVP

No, it's a issue with DayZ itself currently.

It doesn't play nice with alt-tabbing or overlays for now.

Nothing we can do other thana dvise you to not alt-tab, sorry!


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  • MVP

What about anti aliasing?

My apologies.

the AA sounds like a driver or GPU issue, does any other game crash when changing AA?

(will unsolve for now)

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  • MVP

No problem.. :)

No, I have this problem only in Dayz. It works in the mod and any other game.

But for some reason I can't enable anti aliasing in Dayz.

Hmm, try verifying your steam cache for the game - sound slike a config or such is corrupted

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Guest Doug Quade

You might also want to look at system memory usage while playing DayZ ? A lot of times if you are exceeding normal memory usage and attempt to ALT + Tab , it will hang the game or crash it. How much RAM do you have ?

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Do you restart your PC often? Are you like me and keep it on most the times.

Your Page memory is probably all maxed out.

Restart your PC and it will be back at 0%.

Had this issue before and that fixed it for me :)

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  • Titanium

denisbence, how's this issue coming along for you?

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It doesn't matter what in-game settings I chance, AA problem remains...

It work with every other game, including Dayz mod though...

I think that there is some problem with DayZ itself...maybe just very rare but still a bug...

I wonder if my GTX 650 is the problem, I've read before that some graphics cards have some issues with alt+tab

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