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Need help with game..

Guest Niko_Kolelivian

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Guest Niko_Kolelivian

I've been trying to play dayz for the past 2 hours but I've had no luck anyway if you could help me out it'd be great so. I can't run the game without going into Admin mode but then Razor game booster wont launch like it has earlier but if anyone can help me with this, send me a private message so I can add you on steam and get this over with any help would be great, have a great day oh! almost forgot if you could maybe refer me to someone on teamspeak who could also help that'd be great too~

Edit: there's also quite a few other problems I'm having with dayz so yeah, as before any help will do!~

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/moved to Troubleshooting

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Can I ask for you to post some details about your set-up? OS, pc specs, Have you tried without any additional software running?

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Guest Niko_Kolelivian

Yeah, uhh well my Os is windows 8 and I have, still had trouble launching and had proformance problems.

Edit: I'll get my specs soon.

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  • MVP

Razor game booster wont work with dayz due to the new BE, it is blocked

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