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why hello

Guest chipit

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Guest chipit

Hello all :) i think i might be staying here for a while so get used to me.

I haven't really played any RP on Dayz at all, iam a pretty big fan RP and when i learned Dayz has its own rp community i was pretty happy.

i hope i can bring some good rp and fun to the table to make this mod more enjoyable :) see you out there.

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Hey! Welcome to the server!

If you haven't applied yet, create then send your whitelist application!

Like Kahmul said, make sure you know and understand the rules. Common sense is the main rule out there (treat the others like you would want to be treated!).

If you have trouble understanding the website / some in-game content, go read this guide. It covers all the basics!

If you don't want to be a lone wolf, try to find a Clan or a Group!

I wish you good luck out there. If you need anything, feel free to send me a PM, ask in Shoutbox or ask anyone!

Stay safe!

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