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102.5 "Hello? Clyde?"


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In the middle of the night, Bonnie's mind was still racing. She knew there was only one thing she could do to stop it, and that was to try and get a hold of him. Her hands made quick work of one of the guy's backpack's --she didn't see whose-- and found a walkie. She quietly walked away from the group, and when she knew she was out of earshot, she pressed down the button.

"Hello? Clyde? I'm not sure if you've even got this stupid thing on. You probably don't.. cause it would be just like you to leave and then never check your radio. I'm gonna talk anyway, because it's comforting to know that maybe you can hear me on the other side of this thing...

Just know that I'm fucking pissed at you.

You're being a stupid idiot again and you picked probably the worst time to do it; this is our first time away from the resort and we need all the man power we can get... so you just run off to chase a whim? You've done some pretty stupid things --hell, I was there for the majority of the bad ones-- but this is the absolute dumbest. Don't you understand that we're stronger in numbers? We've always been a team, Clyde. You and me. That doesn't work when one of us pisses off!

And furthermore, what gives you the right to do this by yourself?! Running off like some stupid hero was selfish... even for you. I was there too, remember? I'm the one he fucking shot, so what makes you think that I don't have the right to go after the bastard too?! He hurt us both, Clyde. But not as much as this hurts...

I love you... and I want you to come back to me in one piece... but I swear to god, once you get here, you're gonna wish you had left for good..."

She let go of the button, and about a hundred pounds of stress that had been weighing on her chest. Bonnie wasn't much for prayer, but she hoped to god he had heard that.

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// Ayy Kattica, Good read, really enjoyed it. Hope to see more from you in the future!

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A fuzzy transmission barely makes it through the airwaves.


The Transmission stops.

Static flares through.

"passed" zzztt "...zino"

The Transmission ends.

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