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102.5 FM Finding a Friend (US)

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*A deep voice begins to emit through 102.5 FM, the casual occurrence of static makes itself present as the man speaks, his pronunciation sounds akin to those who were raised in Scotland.*

"Gilbert, what happened? All I can remember was some sort of air field, and now I'm near the damn shore. So far i'm lucky to be alive considering all this shit I've had to deal with since I woke up here, but at the moment I can catch my breath a wee bit after finding this city. Never been here myself but there's this huge hotel that's just smashed to shit. Hopefully you're familiar with that, and if not, we'll find each other one way or another, we got luck on our side. James out."

*The familiar buzzing of static maintains itself for a few moments before it's silent grace is shot down at the release of a button.*

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*A squawk sound is heard emanating from the walkie talkie James was holding, indicating the beginning of a transmission. However, all that could be heard was static with an occasional unfinished word pronunciation.*


//OOC: In other words, keep a walkie talkie on you on 102.5 on S2. I'll be looking for you in game by transmitting every once in awhile in new areas. Don't wait for me in any particular place. I'm sure we'll meet again by chance and it'll be all the more sweeter if we actually spent days looking lol. Looking forward to more RP with you in the near future, buddy.

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Hello? Are you there my friend. I hope you can hear me, I have to believe you can. I don’t know if Im gonna make it James…(speech is slurred) I remember losing my footing on the stairs in a parking garage. The ledge began moving away in slow motion almost surreal, I saw for a brief second my ….(begins crying) My wife ….oh God my chiiil dren….Click

Click *****pause static****several minutes…Click

I don’t know what happened after that James, but you must have dragged me, out. I could hear the truck’s engine roaring, and the searing pain in my leg each time we hit a bump. I couldn’t find the strength to open my eyes.

Click *****pause static****Click

I don’t know how long I have been here in this house, or when you are coming back. My leg hurts, I know its broken, the splint kinda helps but I cant put any pressure on it yet, but im running out of time. I need to find a doctor. I am so dizzy and nauseous, but there is nothing more left to throw up. Im scared, I know the black stuff that came up was blood. I know I have a concussion just don’t know how severe.

Click *****pause static****Click

I don’t know how much time has passed but I am going to try to find help when the sun comes up. Or I might wait until tomorrow. If I don’t make It know that….you were a true friend. I think If I can figur Click *****pause static****Click

(Whispering) Its one of the dead. Its in the next room Click *****pause static****Click

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