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Hello, im making this thread as it annoying with the amount of people go OOC in TP people do it a lot, and i think there should be some sort of punishment say if they go afk for more than 5 mins you can take things from the car or even chloroform and take it? Can you make a Report thread as it is a way of OOC?

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Guest Alpha

I don't really think why it matters if someone's AFK in TP? If they'd be AFK outside TP it'd be a different s tory but since TP is a non-hostile area I don't see why they can't be AFK for a while. They don't harm anyone and nobody's supposed to harm them either. My advice is just to not interact with them until they are back.

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I don't really think there should be punishments for going AFK, it isn't really immersion breaking if someone is standing still for a few minutes.

There are far worse things than players standing still for a few minutes we should focus on, eg: loot cycling, mic spamming, WTS.

This just seems like complaining for the sake of complaining.

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The issue with going AFK isn't exactly one that should be addressed. I have to go AFK because of health issues, sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a few minutes depending on how bad I feel though if I think it's going to be serious I do try to excuse myself from the game OOCly and say I'm going to take a nap ICly.

Alpha's point is very valid. Going AFK outside of TP is far worse even though it can't be used as an excuse to hide from banditry. It's more dangerous from an OOC standpoint and from an IC standpoint there's little sense to it unless it's an emergency.

In TP there are plenty of reasons your character would be unresponsive. Hell sometimes I Just go "Wow, sorry, I was off in my own little world. What did you say?" Or just pretend that I dozed off. The Trading Post is one of the few safe havens, or at least as safe as possible, so people who are used to running around and narrowly escaping death would probably be collapsing in exhaustion there all the time.

I think the big issue is that sometimes people go AFK and mention why, but because of the way the chat/text system is, you may come in after the message has been said and you just see them standing/sitting there. It's sadly just one of the things that can't be fixed (At least not from what I've seen) but people should try to make sure that others who are around at the time know they're going to rest their eyes or something similar so that it can be spread to other people who come in later.

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I agree with Mace and some of the others.

If you decide to go AFK in TP, it's your own fault if someone steals from your backpack or your car. That's what happens. It'd be plain out stupid, and I mean






to punish people for having to go for a quick moment in case IRL is calling. If you can't overlook a player that's AFK, you're an utter douche.

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Being OOC doesn't annoy me so much as ignoring IC in TP does. If a group of people agree to be OOC, I think this should be allowed, but if someone starts roleplaying, those present should not keep on going on in OOC, because it ruins immersion for the RPers in TP.

For example, if I start talking to someone IC and they just go "lol hey wanna buy an M4A3?"

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