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Server time (UTC): 2022-10-05 19:08

server restart death?

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ok so this isn't about spawning in after a server restart with nothing after having stuff previously. This is about me signing in after a server restart and losing my character to random in game death a few minutes later. heres some backstory. I was at the northwest airfield and signed off in some trees. before leaving my character was in good health, a little thirsty, but that's it. the next day (today) I sign on after a reasonable time after server restart. I get into the game, run around into a building, get glitched back to my initial sign in spot, run again for like 3 seconds and just die from some sort of in game death. there was no zombie noises or gunshots and like I said my character was in good health. also the land was perfectly flat so it wasn't from fall damage. Does anyone have any idea what the hell happened?

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You probably had de-synced backwards into a wall/object and broke all the bones your body. It would be a instant death even if you were healthy. I would assume the restart(s) had nothing to do with your death! Its in alpha and the hitboxes/server performance is sub-par.

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Something similar happens to me awhile back. I ran out of one of the apartment buildings into the middle of the street and just dropped dead. The game is in alpha at the moment so there's little that can be done about the random death glitches until the developers fix them. With that being said do you feel it's safe to solve this?

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yeah I wasn't actually looking for it to be solved. I just wanted to get it out there and see if anyone has had the same probs. didn't know if it happened a lot in the servers or not

You just have to remember that the game is still in alpha and as stated above you may have desynced into an object. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention:) If you have any more questions don't be afraid to hop into teamspeak and consult with staff...


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