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Im new and have not been accepted yet

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hello! My name is jackson (jack for short) but you can call me which ever one you like!

I am new to the DayzRP website and i just wanted to say, that i will be looking forward to playing with you all (thats if my whitelist gets accepted at all).

If you have any useful tips, or groups i could possibly team up with when i start the life of my character: Shi Chen.

Please feel free to comment! :)

Thank you for reading!

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Guest Doug Quade

Best of luck to you on your app. Make sure to triple read the rules, and be very thorough on your application. Reach out to the Community Helpers, and they can provide some assistance. ALso make sure to check out the tutorials and Guides section of the forums before submitting your app. Lastly, there is a lot of great content on the forums so participate as much as you can. Especially the forum games section :)

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