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Dear Sarge

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Running into another member of the military, I didn't expect much in the way of chit-chat. My previous encounters with those swearing under the banners of far away nations tend not to last long. Some, often shorter.

After getting chased through two cities by hordes of the undead, I arrived at an airfield bloodied, broken, starving, thirsty and contemplating whether it was worth going on.

Like a saint, you aided me with blood, directed me to food, and gave me direction at a time where I was lost most.

Following up the coast, we looted house upon house, fighting back the screams of the dead in close combat. For the first time in months my stomach was full of food and my thirst remain quenched.

My leg still remained shattered from a previous encounter, but you gave me solace with the notion I could get it patched up on ahead. Closing in on our target, a supermarket, before traversing further we opted to loot a few more houses on the outskirts of town.

On this occasion we opted to safeguard ourselves in the comfort of a nearby house. Once the screams were heard, you gave the order to take shelter, warning me to shut the door behind me. I followed, yet the infected were at my heels and barged through the door knocking me down.

Taking additional wounds, we managed to take down the invading undead. Gathering our things, I stumbled into the bedroom. Your last words... "Quick, bandage yourself!" You hastily assisted, covering the deep wounds on my neck.

Sadly, it was too late.

I was swiftly taken by the darkness. My consciousness... lost.

I heard echos of your torment as it became clear. I was not going to awaken on my own accord. My injuries were too severe.

Whilst I can only speculate what your intentions were. I hope you made it that supermarket safe.

As I await the unlikely prospect of a passerby in aiding my return to this world; I wish only to say thank you. You gave this soul one hell of an exit.

I hope one day, we shall meet again.

All the best, Sergeant.


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