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CPD Next Of Kin Form

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Here is a short bio on my first ever RP Character, Hope you lads enjoy!

********CPD NEXT OF KIN FORM********

Name: Peetor Ivan Zapida

Rank: Senoir Constable

Badge No: 1247

Unit: 11K (Komchatka)

Precinct: Elektrozadgorsk

******PERSONAL INFO******

Height: 230cm

Weight: 87Kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Race: Slavic

D.O.B: 2/3/85

Ethnicty: Ukranian-Chernorussian

Education: High School Certificate

Involved in 2009 Crisis?: Yes. NAPA

******FAMILY INFO******

Hometown: Staryoe

Father: Fyodor Zapida

Occupation: Retired Red Army

Mother: Maria Zapida

Occupation: None/Housewife

Siblings: None

Named Next Of Kin: In the Event of my Death i give all my money and possessions to the Dubovrich Family.

Signed: Peetor Ivan Zapdia


Peetor Was born at Elektro District Hospital on 2/3/85, to the Zapida Couple, His Father,

a Red Army Partrooper Bought a new house in Staryoe, and the family moved in,

Peetor Grew up in a relativly normal household, his father showed up on leave as much as he could,

and his mother cooked dinner and did housework everynight. they were the poster family of the soviet union.

Peetor Went to school in Elektrozadgorsk, There he met Mikhail Dubovrich, and the two became firm friends.

When the Soviet Union Fell, Peetors Father Retired after a distinguesed career, and settled back to staryoe

on a modest Red Army Pension. on graduation of school, Peetor Expressed a wish to Join the CDF to his father.

Fyodor took exception to this, as he was terribly affected from his tours in the Afghainsthan Conflict.

Not Wanting to disobey his father, but still feeling the need to serve his country, Peetor took his GAZ to Mkihail's house,

and the two went to the CPD Recruitment station. Peetor Passed through Training as Instructors could describe as

"a completely Averaged Recruit", Whereas Mikhail Passed with the Honor of best Recruit, and as a result, was allowed to

choose his precinct and partner, Naturally he chose Elektro, and Peetor. Things remained relativly calm, with

the two newly minted contsables job's were mainly helping tourits and wrestiling Drunks at Skadovsk Bar. in 2005, 7th of Novmember,

Constable's Zapida and Dubovrich were involved in a shoot out bewtween NAPA insurgents and Communist Party members, both constables

were given Commendations and Zapdia was given a Promotion to Senoir Constable, it was also in this shootout, that Constable Dubovrich met

his future Wife, an EMT by the name of Anna Degtyrev.

In the Summer of 2009, the outbreak of civil war, Chedaki Forces Rolled into Elektro, Senoir Constable Zapida and Constable Dubovrich were seen

leading a party of officers in the defence of Elektro, but were ultiamtely reported MIA.

the pair were later found amongst NAPA Fighters at the end of the war, having trained and fought with NAPA against the Chedaki

11 Komchatka was on its way to becoming the most highly decorated CPD Unit bar OREL.

*********************END OF FORM**************************************

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