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The London Bruiser

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Gabriel is an old school British thug, raised by combat in abuse from his father he took to a young career in boxing encouraged by his father, in school he was bullied for being poorly dressed or covered in bruises from the beatings he received at home, therefore he was destined for a career in the armed forces, at a young age did exactly that, after a lengthy stint in the British military he was wounded in combat and suffered a sizeable injury to his left leg, it took him months to regain some acceptable form of function but found it was only to be discharged with medical reasons and exemplary service conditions in his papers, after this he found it hard to cope with the transfer back into civilian life and took to contracting as a hired thug, at some point he crossed the wrong people and they kidnapped him, around the same time that news was spreading in the media about the infection in cherno ...... Gabriel woke on a sunny beach with nothing but the clothes on his back, a torch and a battery.

In character

"I'll be damned to hell if i'm going to die in this hell hole, im going to hack my way through every rotter I see and when I find out who put me here i'm going to tear them into a thousand pieces and eat their hearts clean from their chests picking buckshot out of my teeth, I will survive, I will not die, I will not forsake my unit, my training will help me prevail, I was destined for this, this is MY hell....and I deserve it!"

Gabriel walks, slowly with a limp up a grassy slope off the beach to reach a sign beside a road, it reads Камышово.

"Kamyshovo eh, lets see what we can salvage"

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