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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-22 20:20

Hello to all :)

Guest derichernandez

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Guest derichernandez

Hi people, this is my first post and also the first time I play to Dayz (I could'nt wait more for the standalone).

So I hope to have lots of fun with you all

Stay alive!

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Hey! Welcome to the server!

Take a look at this thread, it covers the basics of the server!

If you need help about DayZ, go check out YouTube or ask here! There are alot of videos and veteran players on the forums!

I hope that you'll enjoy playing with us!

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Welcome to DayZRP,

We all can't wait for the standalone ahahah, we have alot of custom stuff here ! I'm sure you will enjoy our community. As long as you stay "In character".

Make sure to read the rules, twice if needed.

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Guest derichernandez

Yeah, I've been watching tons of videos about Dayz for months (I discovered Dayz when "the other game" about zombies, that one with a W ahead, started, and everybody said "that's a dayz clone!")

So I'm familiar with it :))

Thanks for all ^^

See you there

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