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Additonal Links for the Welcome PM.


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When new community members register they get an automated PM (see simiskovich's post), I suggest that links such as FAQ's, Rules, Community Rules, Guide sections, use of the search function be added to it. This would help prevent multiple threads about the same things being made.

I don't have an issue with people asking questions but due to the recent influx of new members there have been multiple threads made on the same subject when just having a look at the FAQ section would have solved it.

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Hmmm I though I remembered something, but I wasn't sure. I think the extra links would help though. (I'll edit my suggestion)

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I assume these still get sent, right?

I don't see it being much of a problem adding a few more links.

As a newcomer, I can say that that message was really helpful for me, but still, Samaritan's post on my introduction thread added to that, so, it's a good idea to add a couple more links ;)

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Also, that part about your first post being in introductions is slightly misleading...

I think the whole welcome PM needs a bit of an update. This is probably the same one that was used when all posts counted towards your post count.

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The welcome PM has been updated since then. Not sure when it happened but I specifically also added something about the introductions and farewells forum not counting.

Links already in -


How to join thread

Links added recently -


Guides and Tutorials forum

Questions forum

Search function

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Perhaps we should make an introduction video and make it a must see for people.

Doing some light RP, the do and no not´s. Proper initiation and a failed one. Random tips on what to expect, what is demanded from you and so on.

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