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Guest Lynx

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I'm Lynx.

I've been part of an ARMA 2 RPG community before, as well as a competitive ARMA 2 Clan.

Having played DayZ since the Mod's first few patches back in mid-2012, it comes as a surprise that I never came across this well-established community!

I look foward to meeting some of you!

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Guest Maracuchote300

Hey Lynx! Welcome to the DayZRP Community, You should take a look at the Server Rules, and you should check for any clans that you would like, they make this community a whole lot better. Hope to see you out there!

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  • MVP

Hey! Welcome to the server!

Take a look at this guide! It covers the basics of DayZRP and more!

I guess you'll be looking for a fighter clan, right? Take a look at this section and you'll probably find something that fits your needs! There are well-organized clans both on bandits' and heros' side!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay! If you need anything, feel free to send a PM!

EDIT : forgot to put the links... Now I feel bad, hehe.

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