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Luis 'Xtream' Oliveira - Truck Driver's Log

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So while i wait the possibility to even "try" to apply for the whitelist, i've began the story of my character, i got some inspiration from Euro Truck 2 another game i love :D

The background story is supposed to be getting updates while i wait for permission to join, after that a new log will start with in-game content and interactions with other players as i play.

Hope you all like it and give me some feedback to try and improve things, since English writing can be a little tricky for me sometimes, just bear with me please and point out some grammar that might be wrong.


Name: Luis Oliveira

Nickname: Xtream

Nationality: Portuguese

Age: 35

Job: Truck Driver

Job Details: Driver for hire, delivering mostly medical and humanitarian supplies to zones in conflict or in need of them.

Military experience: Served one year in the Portuguese Army in the Mechanized Unit as a driver.

Combat Experience: Very little.

Personality: A guy very kept to himself.

Strong Point: Always ready to give a hand to people in need regardless the danger involved.

Weakness: Trying to help everyone, sometimes goes wrong.


October 9

Just another Job

[align=justify] Today we found another Portuguese driver in a gas station near Krasnodar "the odds of this", he told me that this job is not for him anymore, always away from home and those he loves just not worth the trouble anymore. This really made me think about changing priorities, perhaps is time to end this too and just find some work in Portugal were i can sleep at home every day instead of in this metal can with the cargo-fridge engine always busting my hears trough out my sleep.

The new driver the company hired is not really helping at all too, never stops complaining about the roads in these countries or the lack of them, how hard it is to read the town names and that there are always checkpoints because of some crisis, etc. "He should have been with me, the last time i went to the middle east probably shit himself there while crying for his mommy!" When this guy applied to the job, they told him what was about and that is why we are paid so much, deliver the cargo in good condition as fast as possible regardless of the country situation, i think they need to start checking if the person can endure all the stress before hiring.

Well at least some good news to shine up my day, just got in contact with our traffic controller, he told us to drop this cargo and wait orders for one last delivery before being officially on leave, YEAHHH. It's been a long time since i left home and already missing everyone there so much can't wait to get back.



October 11

A bad feeling

[align=justify]We just picked up our last cargo to a town called Berezino which is relatively near from our last position and we are already on the move, they stated that this was of maximum urgency.

I checked the news and there is some sort of civil unrest going on in those parts, but there is something strange going on here, something they didn't tell us, i mean there was a massive army of trucks loading on supplies to that country just because of some civil unrest? And why were private military around this warehouse, just doesn't make sense. I asked around the other drivers and each truck is going to a different town hospital.

These pharmaceutical companies are always hiding something, i still think the Ebola outbreak was supposed to be a controlled experiment that got out of hand and i hope this isn't another case of them experimenting on third world population, poor bastards.

I must grab the wheel a bit so that John can take a nap, he says i'm crazy and delusional....


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  • Emerald

Nice first entry! Looking forward to some civilian rp!

I can see you already in front of me: Blue Cargo pants, checked shirt, blue cap, beer in the hand....

Jup, nice entry!

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