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Hello all

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I intend to apply for access to the server, or servers?. Not sure if there are multiple servers. I joined this forum about a month ago and haven't posted until now, nor have I had the time to fill out an application yet. So obviously life can get busy sometimes and vastly limit the amount of time you can spend online.

When I do play I always try to make the most of my online experience, so DAYZRP seems to me like the most logical step at this point. I don't have time to get in a game, designed for maximum social interaction, and get shot at the first sign of the living. Or when it's time to "rawk", as I like to say, do I want to waste my time with someone who has less boundaries in terms of the physical laws of the game? (ie. hacks/scripts) No.

I applied to a different whitelisting server a couple months ago, and supplied them in great detail my character ideas, and what other players would come to expect when RPing with me. The reply I got was a rejection, " You need to explain how you will interact with the players". *huh?*

Like I said, spare time can be limited in life, and it's not that I wouldn't be playing much if accepted by DAYZRP.com, I would love to spend plenty of time here, it's just that I don't have a lot of time to go back and forth about these applications.

So, the meaning of this post is, to introduce myself of course, but also get a friendly tip if I can on applying.

Thanks for your time.

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Welcome to the community Lobo, hopefully you will have time to apply because once you are in it's fantastic!

As always, if you do decide to apply, good luck. The one piece of advice I would give you is include as much detail as you can (examples, different scenarios, etc).

Good luck and I hope you get some time to apply :)

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Here are some tips to help you out for your application:

  1. Look through all of the "application rejected" threads in the questions section of the forums to not fall victim to the little things that people fail for.
  2. Read up on some posts in the report discussion section to get a handle on some contentious issues that can get you into a little bit of trouble, like not RP'ing properly, NVFL, badRP, RDM, or what to do when initiated on/or/initiating on someone. Also, don't be afraid to post if you wish to ask questions about the incident, but you will be required to remain on topic in a very serious way, and don't post after it has gone formal if you weren't involved in the incident.
  3. The lore and literature section is great to read some incredible literature, and some people have posted their back story on there as well to try and get some feedback on it so that may be something you would like to consider doing.
  4. And of course the guides and tutorials section does what it do...
  5. and when you are ready, head to here to submit your whitelist application, but they are closed to non-donors on the weekends.
  6. Also, your background will need to follow this so make sure to read up on it.

Just a warning though, it is a time stealing game playing on DayZRP, you can look at the clock and see that it is 9pm, then all of a sudden it is 12:30 and you have to wake up for work in 5 hours! This has happened to me on a couple occasions.lol

Hopefully you can get some time in on your application though because they are very thorough in their reviewing of it. Sometimes one word can get you rejected when it changes the meaning of a rule(ie using or instead of and).

Good luck with your application! It is a great community.

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