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Name Change?

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I'm sorry about asking this, as I know it has been asked before. I'm very interested in changing my username, as when I made my account I thought we could never change our in game names. So in thinking that I set my forum name as my character name, Greg Thorne, but now after being here awhile I want to try different characters and such, and I feel having a forum name of Greg Thorne well having a different full name for in-game could cause much confusion. I'm aware that you can change your name as a Contributor, but I'm quite poor at the moment, so I was wondering about an alternative.

Sorry for being such a bother.


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  • Sapphire

You can request a name change to one of the admins. There is a small chance they will do it, but there is a chance.

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  • Sapphire

Blue for new!

Very rare for staff to reset it otherwise, but who knows. :D

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  • Titanium

Donate 100 euros and you get the perk to change your name. Or be a staff member.


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