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Hello, my name is Luis i'm from Portugal and i'm 27 year old. My intentions to join your community is to try and get more out of this game than just getting shot from nowhere without warning. I got to know about this from a thread in the steam forum.

That said, from what i've been reading it looks like you have a very well established community here with some very good rules that i will try not to break! Hope to meet some of you in-game and to all i wish the very best :)

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Hello Luis :)

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Hello Xtreamrpt! Welcome to the community! :)

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Welcome welcome! Be sure to refresh yourself with the rules now and then.... There is quite a lot of information to process.

A good tip:

When you need to go AFK or something... or you're done playing, say you need to go to sleep or take a power nap. Simple way to excuse yourself via RP from the game.

When you just spawn in-game and meet someone by chance, best to state that you "Just woke-up" or something along those lines. So it's understood if anything prior to that occurred, you weren't apart of.

The community is great, and I suggest you stay active on forums, but it's your call! See you out there!

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