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RP is pretty cool (cool little story that got me hooked)

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I have never RP'd in my life and yesterday I slowly sank into it. I was a little nervous at first with my first interactions with people. I decided to be myself because it just seemed more natural. So I played for awhile yesterday, upwards of 8 or 9 hours and I did a lot of stuff. Set up camp with a new friend, hunted and survived. I also got tricked into being captured by a group called "The Family" who worship somebody called the maker. My captor lied to them and said I disrespected the maker and they said they had to punish me. I kept pleading I didn't know who the maker was. After several minutes of talking. they decided if i endured the "The Circle of Pain" (which was all of them standing in a circle and knocking me unconscious) I could go free. One of the "family members" really got my attention his name was Joffrey. He seemed like a very awesome role player, I was in it! So hours later I am walking around and I find a group of three people. I keep my distant for awhile because I am pretty nervous. I can hear there conversation, "lo and behold what are they talking about?! The Family and The Maker. I decided to talk to them and get as much information about the Family as I could. They knew the leaders even Joffrey who I just met hours ago.

RP is great I am seriously so excited to stay in and play. I can't believe I ran into people who knew about something else going on in a completely different part of the map. This is the first time I can honestly say that I have been "immersed" in a game. Keep it up DayzRP, I am hooked.

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  • Sapphire

That's awesome you are having a good time. Those people that know that something is happening on the other side of the map might have a radio.

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Hahaha I'm on mobile now and the font does look a little crazy on my pc it didn't look to bad. I'll edit it. Lol and thank you

Glad you are having fun, and that encounter sounds like a blast!

You did go a bit crazy with the font, don't you agree? :P

Haha my bad I'm on mobile now and it looks huge. On my pc it didn't look to bad

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Guest Refected

Damn good story. This is why I love roleplay, you can't really predict what is going to happen next or what your character has to endure for some things. Makes it so much fun.

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Glad to hear the Family kept you entertained and that you enjoyed yourself! Also if you have any more great stories, or want to read a few, check here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-whose-roleplay-did-you-enjoy-today--50147. Its also a great place to post if you got to roleplay with someone and you didn't get a screen name but would like to link back up with them again.

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Damn, totally missed this thread! Thanks for the amazing feedback, I'll be passing this on to Joffrey and the rest of our clan! Kind words from the community are definitely a part of what makes RP so fun for us and we're thrilled that you felt immersed into the RP we deliver. The whole of our group absolutely loves RP and we're glad to be kindling that love in newer members of the community.

If you'd like to check out our group, we're over here! We've got a bunch of lore to get stuck into too if that's your kinda thing and you'd like to learn more about all of us.

Perhaps the next time you meet us in game it will be under... more pleasant circumstances.

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That's so cool that you got into so quickly like that. Having experiences like that is what dayzRP is all about. Mike hopes to come across somthing a little less...Gruesome. He might not be able to hold his tongue. Or hold on to it.

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