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will my character be moved over

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hey so while i wait to get whitelisted or rejected i want to know will my character move over to the dayZRP servers because i have so pretty good setup rain coat, mosin , revolver and stuff so i don't want to find it all again

thanks for the help

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  • Sapphire

DayZRP is a private server, so your character that you use on the public servers will not transfer to the RP servers.

If you have questions that you want to ask, ask them in this forum in the future.


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  • Legend

/Moved to Questions

And no, DayZRP is on private shard so your gear from public servers or from another private shards won't be transferred here.

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  • MVP

Going to be marking this as solved as you got your answer. Since DayZRP is run off a private shard your character from the public hive will not transfer over to our servers once you are whitelisted.


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