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Incorrectly banned for hacking through teamspeak


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Happened in teamspeak. I was kicked/banned and told to go online at teamspeak and speak to Ceasar.

Why the verdict is not fair:

I'm banned for hacking, this was decided through teamspeak. The only problem is, I haven't hacked, and the points which Markus (he accused me, and talked to Ivar and me in teamspeak) brought up are not true. They told me I teleported 500m while Brandon (Geintje2) has videoproof that I haven't gone anywhere.

I'm now banned for hacking and Markus (his teamspeak name) said he would make a report tomorrow. I really want to play and just like I'll tell in my PoV I haven't hacked. Maybe Ivar has, but I haven't.

Source that he would post the report tommorow, which is not fair because I haven't hacked:

<17:25:41> "Marc": Hi Marcus, did you create the report yet? I want to post my story there about what happened.

<17:51:01> "Marcus Santiago": It will be posted tmorrow mate

<17:51:06> "Marcus Santiago": Aint got time atm alot of stuff happening

<18:29:07> "Marc": Okay, then I'll make a ban appeal and post my story there. Thanks anyway.

'alot of stuff happening now', and I heard from Brandon he is currently in-game. A few hours after I was banned.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I wrote the following text right after I got the ban for hacking. I didn't want to wait because I'm certain I didn't hack. This text is towards Markus and the three other members of his group he was with.

My point of view:

First of all, the map which I'm using in the following text, this is just to the left of green mountain:


I met Ivar (teamspeak name)(haven't seen him ever before) at the Lake (point E in the picture). He said he was robbed and said he wanted to kill the guys who robbed him. I asked for any details, but he only had the name Marcus. He had a mosin in his hands, we decided to go to green mountain. At that point we went to point A on the map. That’s the place we met you guys (didn’t share any names), Ivar didn’t say anything to you guys. You guys said you were not involved in the mess which was going on at green mountain, we just said goodby and Ivar and myself went further to green mountain.

At that point we arrived at point B on the map. Ivar stopped walking and started shooting at you guys. At that point I was between point A and very close to B. Ivar started shooting in the direction of point A so his shot went right next to my head. I was scared and ran to point C, got my magnum out (yes, I chose my magnum because I had a long range on my mosin which I didn’t want to use on such a short range). I walked towards Ivar and shot him in his head with one bullet. I did this because it really looked like RDM against me. At that point Ivar was dead and I was at point B. Ivar didn’t moved a bit while shooting. I lay down next to his body and warned my friends (Brandon had a radio as well) at Green Mountain through my radio. I waited for my friends to arrive (it’s a small distance between point B and Green Mountain), the first to arrive was Jacob and Brandon, they asked if I was alright and I said yes.

I didn’t see the four of you anymore, my friends (about 7 now) went to the lake, ran around the field because they were searching a gillie guy who shot someone on the tower about 15 minutes earlier. We found a few people, talked a bit but didn’t shoot anyone. Jacob and someone else were going to sleep in a barn and walked the other way. The rest of the group (myself included) went back to green mountain. At green mountain they were still heavily guarding the gate and we waited on another patrol group to come back (3 people). They arrived a bit later. We sat at the fire, someone set off a flare and we talked a bit. A few minutes later I was kicked and said to come online at teamspeak.

At teamspeak I and Ivar were accused of hacking because right after I shot Ivar we were 500m further (as you guys said). I really don’t understand this. As I said before, I lay down behind the bush next to Ivar who was dead. I know Brandon has proof of this, he saw me behind the bush next to the body. I can’t explain how (as you guys say) I would be 500m away, because I was not.

Normally I have ShadowPlay running, but because I was kicked from the game I couldn’t save my recording. Brandon does have proof I’m still behind the bush so I did not teleport 500m further.

In my point of view I haven’t broken any rules. Ivar was (how it looked to me) trying to RDM me, why? I don’t know. He went on with shooting so I shot him. He didn’t say anything about that you guys were the ones who robbed him before. Ivar also didn’t say anything so he (to me) would not have the rights to kill or shoot at anyone.

I'm currently accused of:

- teleporting 500m away

Ivar was accused of:

- also teleporting 500m away

- met those guys in last 24 hours more than 4 times (as said in teamspeak)

In my opinion (and with my proof) I think I'm not supposed to be banned. While Ivar maybe has more to do with this I haven't. I've only seen these guys once.

The video I've received from Brandon (Geintje2): [video=youtube]http://youtu.be/d_ik03NK2xQ

At around 1:27 you'll see me behind the bush, next to the body and Jacob asking me how I am. I haven't moved anywhere after killing Ivar, just like I'm accused of.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to have my 'hacking' ban to be removed. I haven't hacked just like you can see in the video and my complete story.

What could you have done better?:

I could have not killed Ivar, but it really looked like RDM towards me. He didn't initiate on them and it also looked like KoS against the group of four.

I could have knocked him out for doing it, just to make him stop shooting, but this would have been probably my death.

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I have contacted Marcus Santiago as to why there is no report as of yet.

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Do not Bump your Appeal. The appeal will be dealt with in due time.

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