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Favorite Sidearm

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I know there is a thread about favorite guns in general and I see most people replying with a favorite primary weapon of there's. I think sidearms are a different ballgame and I'd like to see how people weigh in on their sidearm of choice. What's your favorite sidearm and why does it hold a spot in your heart (or holster for that matter)?

Mine is the Colt Python (Magnum). It's stopping power is incredible and the badass oldschool look to it is undeniable. Although it has only six shots before you must reload, and doesn't come with a magazine, it's still #1 to me. The magazine part I'm fine with because No Mag=straight loading loose bullets. No "middle-man" needed for this hand cannon!

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  • Sapphire

We already have a "What is your favorite weapons" thread! So, I think that we can take this discussion there. Regardless of it being a primary or secondary weapon discussion. If you want to talk about secondary weapons add it to your post in that thread.


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  • Emerald

.357 Colt Python, AKA the Magnum. Gives my CDF character that Officer figure and is one hell of a powerful gun for its size.

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  • Emerald

Definitely the Magnum. That thing looks badass, sounds badass, and packs a serious punch

Completely agree, the thing is a fucking beast of a gun

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  • Diamond

P1 - because it is german. I lost mine though :/

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