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Guest Malcavitch

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Guest Malcavitch

"This is Gabriel, i (Screams in agony) My legs they are broken. (Ugh) I am at the church in Porobo Near the spire mountain that, UGhhhh my legs they hur.....t soooo bad. Ugh...ahhhh....The bastards Robbed me, I sa...ved there lifes an...d they fucking robbed me.......2 males 1 in red 1 in black, I have no food, no water, im starving and im dehydrated....They left me for dead please help....I dont know how long ill last....I shall crawl and as god as ........my.....Witness.....I Will Take there fucking heads from there bodies....I will be crawling helplessly to Green mountain from the church. This is ...not....good."

A loud buzz continues until the radio is switched off to conserve battery.

Gabriel Mutters away to himself as his stomach rumbles in agony flashes of hope slowly fading as Lincoln tries to fight through the barrier in his mind. Gabriel Mutters slowly knowing he cant hold him at bay much longer. With no bullets, sharp objects Gabriel clings to his bible to pray for power as he moves slowly through the bush.

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** Alin Stoica rushes towards his stationairy radio inside the health care center in Gorka **

Hello? Hello? Gabriel? Are you still there?

I am Alin Stoica, a nurse currently stationed at Gorka.

I could make my way down to Rogovo. Just hang on alright? I'll try and make my way towards you....

Although this might take a long time. I'll try to get my gear anyway, hopefully I can lend the truck from these military guys here.

** You hear some buzzing sound **

Yes, I'll do that. I'll take the truck!

Hang on there Gabriel!

** Alin Stoica leaves his stationary radio for what it is, and starts gathering his medical supplies. He hopes he can lend the truck from the soldiers in the town, otherwise he'll have to run for more then half an hour **

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Guest Malcavitch

Gabriel turns on his radio and catches the last part of the message.

"I am better now thank you, i...i almost lost hope just as i was fading a man found me, i called out for help and he found me crawling up hill. He helped me to green mountain and we heard news of the robbers being seen matching my description. The guys mended my leg and through the pain crunching and grinding along my leg i marched towards hope of being able to find them where i would be free to seek retribution in the most foul method. I.i.....wanted....them to suffer....would that be wrong...does this make me as bad as Lincoln with his murderous ways?

The transmission cuts of with the sobs of a broken man.

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** Alin Stoica decides to use his stationary radio once more, replying to the person in need **

That is good to hear, Gabriel. I am glad somebody found you. Seems there are still good samaritans around there, aye?

If you still want any medical check up, you can find me in the Health Care Center in Gorka.

Stay safe, and healthy!

** You'd hear a loud click, clearly Stoica turning off his radio, followed with static noise **

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