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[WIP] My point of View (Unfinished)

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So before I start I want to say that I had already created a story in my application

but I decided to do something much better. My ideia is to stay in vybor police station and help everyone around and of course for action, hunt the thiefs in the zone :) and so one I decided to create a backstory that whould fit in the main lore.

I want your public opinion so I can edit and to better.

Thank you.


Born in Chernarus,

I went to the police academy

with 19 years, 2 year working as a chernorussia

officer, next year attempted to join OREL,almost

at the end of the recruitment, a was mention as

a noticable high capable and talented person,

everything was going perfect

(Inside the Orel installations).

The infections started spreading some time ago,

but no one was paying enough attention, besides

that i was in the other side of chernarus, at the

Orel Installations.

"Despite just being a two week old crisis, by October 19th most of western South Zagoria is described as "a chaotic no-mans last that is lost from all control"

by some CDF sources. The infection still hasn't reached most of the southern and eastern parts of the province, but refugees are pouring in

from the affected areas at an uncontrollable rate."

Yes, it was what i read in a 3rd category Jornal

before the siren began to play, and like usual

we made formation at the plaza. One of the high

ranked officers came to us and said we soon should

be put in the "war zone" despite we almost completed

the entire course, we had enough

capability to do our job.

"On October 21st, after having lost control of the coastal village of Kamenka and Komarovo, the Chernarussian government declares marshal

law in entire South Zagoria and central Chernarus. A news blackout from this region is also ordered, and this is not met well. Riots starts to

occur all over central Chernarus and in Berezino and Novodmitrovsk to the east,

further complicating an already serious security situation.

This is when civil order starts to break down and control of the infection is completely lost."


This character must likely will be put in action once the persistence is on (0,54 patch).

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