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Does DayZ SA run on Win10?


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I did not found any "offical" statement about it. So I decided to ask here since we have so many DayZ players if someone has tested it.

Thanks to Grives and Artz for the Help. I will proably wait til I get more information about it.

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A lot of people have been suggesting to revert back to your old version of Windows if you updated to the technical preview. I've also seen a few people say that uninstalling DirectX and re-installing can fix the issue.

But to answer your question, yeah DayZ does work on Windows 10 as others have said that it does work but people are having problems. If you haven't updated I wouldn't suggest doing so.

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It's okay Subso, I can solve this for you. Us CH's have the magic touch. ;) Glad you got your answer! If you are looking to upgrade always be careful.


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