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Congratulations on becoming whitelisted! It's definitely worth the wait :)

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Server 2 is, in my opinion, the best all around. Great people, great RPing atmosphere, usually has a full/almost full population, and if you're in the US it has the best ping. Server 1 is good too and follows all the above to a close extent, I just choose the lower ping server and the one with my group on it. Server 3 though is interesting, I'd def. give it a try. It forces you to use first person POV and creates a more immersive atmosphere but the server is usually lower on pop. because of the lack of freedom to use third person. Best of luck to ya and don't be shy out there! At least until you get a firearm xD

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Welcome man. As far as servers go I have tried S1 and S2. I go where there is room. I haven't had any real lag issues yet with the euro server even though I am in US. I actually find myself on S1 more because S2 is usually full when I get home from work.

Good luck in the game. I have played for about 5 hours only in the past week but still haven't run into any people... and I was looking for people! The irony.. when I was on Public servers, there would be like 6 people on and sure enough I would run into them. I get on a server here with 40+ people on and I can't find anyone.

I got close once though. I was running down the road and see 3 figures running on the road. So I approach and try to talk to them. Then I notice they are running in place. I still try but about a minute later I got the message indicating the server was restarted. Once I logged back in I tried to find them but couldn't.

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Congrats on the application! Welcome to the community! :)

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