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KoS sharing rule for Whitelistapplication


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today I got my second rejection for the whitelist. The thing that was false, was the "KoS" sharing rule. Since I would be really disapointed, if I get blacklisted only because of this little part in my application, I want to ask if somebody can read through my explanation and tell me if something is wrong in it.

My explanation for the "KoS sharing rule",

"It is possible to share KoS rights.

The player is allowed to share KoS rights if the player is within 500m when the hostile situation starts and The player was recently a part of the involved parties group.

Right example: The Player (Player A) is traveling together with another one (Player B). They wander from city to city together to search for food and water. They arrive at the next city. They decide to split up to check different houses and while they are doing this, one of them (Player B) gets robbed. If Player A is within 500m at that time than Player A is allowed to kill the robber.

False example: Player A is grouped with player B. They use TeamSpeak for a better communication. Player A and Player B are both in different cities, player A in a city in the wide east and player in city in the wide west. They searching both separately in their cities for loot, when Player B gets robbed.

Player A runs to the city, where Player B is, to help him. In this situation Player A has NO KoS rights and has to initiate on the robber. (example: sneaking behind him and tell the robber to drop the gun or the Player will shoot)"

I would be grateful, if somebody would take some minutes and read this.


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Actually your explanation was as follows.

Also it is allowed to share KoS rights when:

- The Player is within 500 meters from the hostile-situation, when it starts.

- Or the Player was a part of the involved parties group.

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The one you wrote seems fine to me. KOS sharing is a pretty simple rule - within 500m and part of the same group when hostile action is taken on him.

As stated in the rules, you have to meet BOTH of these requirements to share kos right:

You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions:

You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence

You were recently apart of the involved parties group.


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