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whitelist problem

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  • MVP

Is your GUID correct? It is easy to make a mistake when typing it.

You might need a GUID reset.

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  • MVP

Possibly...the information regarding the Steam ID is also on the link that I posted.

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  • Titanium

Request a SteamID reset and I'll get onto that for you.

Once that's done you can re-enter it either on the donator page or the whitelist page.

You can update us on the situation once that's done.

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  • Emerald

All i can assume is you are entering the wrong steam ID ?

Please use this thread and see if it works.

Once you follow all the instruction's on here if it still doesnt work please let us know

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Just got accepted to play on dayzrp, its says when joining a server, U need to be whitelisted to play on this server something like that. does this take some time?

I'm having the same problem, I got whitelisted but am unable to join a server because I'm getting kicked by an admin. :\ I accidentally used the wrong name on my first attempt, that probably didn't help. My friend said it might take a little while for them to add names to the lists or something like that so I guess I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. :)

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