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87.8 EU S1 Message for "Survivors"


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*with the battery running low Marcus lets out one final message*

For all who here this... We live in a new world a world of fear... Now we have all heard the story's of the Family and the blackwood and the fear they have over all of you.... its time to end this....Others have come and gone with the same empty threats but enough is enough we live with enough fear of the infected ....WHY SHOULD WE LIVE IN FEAR OF THESE MEN!!!


So I say this ANYONE who is willing to make a stand against these bandits.....these animals.... The Legion are here.... We will provide the tools to survive....Your new brothers will protect you and we can look to ridding this world of men like this and start to rebuild....

*Battery looks to be running low as radio starts to cut out*

You do not need to live in fear anymore.... We cannot rebuild until we are safe... Lets make it safe again....

*battery goes*

*Marcus looks around at his brothers in hope that the right people hear this message*

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Yet another Voice turns on into this frequenzy

"Its the Legion again? You guys are talking much. Really, I hear you a lot. You dont like to answer I think, or am I wrong? Is it just because you want to be mystical and unkown or do you just run low on batterys. Anyway... you want to make this place safer? Then clear up these stories... rumors should never kill people... bring us evidance and we can talk about this.

A simple click and the voice seems to leave the frequenzy again

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  • Emerald

*Static can be heard until a brief pause, a softly spoken man can be heard*

Legion eh, I assume you have no relevance to the once mighty Roman legion, your stupidity is being transmitted to the new world for everyone to hear. You threaten the family and Blackwood, you claim to want to bring peace to the land however you will only cause destruction. If you truly believe you can rival these two factions then the gods have blinded you, if you wish t relinquish this new world of these "bandits" you speak of then you must be blessed by Mars, or else you will perish.

*The transmission cuts out and static returns*

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Siris hears the transmission and laughs

"My response to you dog pig is this, What do wolves care for the cries of sheep? Blackwood is the people. The people who were left to die. The people who fear us should. People like you, talking Shyte on a radio. Men like you will be marked and beaten. You are no man in my eyes dog pig. So please continue your radio propaganda. These men have no faith in you dog pig.

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*static can be heard before it gets complete silence for 10 seconds, until a deep dark voice can be heard*

Praise the jupiter! Those who are not willing t..

*transmission cuts halfway through and some loud static can be heard*

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