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87.8 S1 Message for the "Blackwood Malita"


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*Marcus picks a banged up radio of the floor*

*with a very angry tone in his voice he lets out his message*

The Blackwood I have heard of you.... However up untill this point we have had no issues with you.... Now I find that your men take my guys hostage ....*SHOUTS* AND BRANDS THEM!.... You may be a lot of things but I did not think stupid was one of them....

I want to meet you.. Your leader...I will have ears on this frequency....I will await your response.

*slams the radio on the floor and turns to his brothers*

*Marcus looks at the branded men and rage fills him"*

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*turns radio on and listens*

*scratches head before replying*

"Im sorry buddy, your going to have to be a little more specific on who your friend was.

But don't be alarmed friend! a free BM tattoo awaits you too if we ever meet you!"

*radio goes silent*

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*picks up the childish message*

A tattoo? Im sorry maybe you didnt understand I WANT TO MEET YOU.... tell me were and tell me when.....Be very careful on the words you choose I want to resolve this peacefully but do not see that as a sign that it will end peacefully.

*radio transmission ends*

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