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Shooting somebody who is robbing you?

Guest Senna1337

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Guest Senna1337

Hello, just a quick Question about Robberies, i have seen a Video of DayZRP where a Guy is helping somebody, and another Person instantly came up running and said Hands up to him and the Person who is being robbed instantly raises the Shotgun he has in his Hands and shoots the Person. is that allowed or is that considered KOS?

This is the Video in Question:


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  • MVP

No it is not KOS, by them initiating on you they give you rights to kill or otherwise harm them. It's the risk of trying to rob someone.


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  • Sapphire

Defending yourself isn't KoS.

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It should be added, it has to be a believable defence; if there's 5 guys on just you with AKs and you have a derringer, it is NOT good RP (and a potentially bannable offence) to try and pop off one or two of them just for the sake of it.

You've got to accept, sometimes you just don't win with RP and that's the point.

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  • Emerald

Fucking +80 for that one :D

By Odin's beard ! that was some real survivor reactions right there

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  • MVP

I'd like to add that during the time this video was recorded, I was only about 100 feet away, in the trees, with my scope over these robbers. The uploader of that video had both me and a friend watching his back. You might hear a little "pop!" in the background. That'd be a little flower.

Even though the uploader can take care of himself, clearly. xD

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