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Wide-eyed social worker background.

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Hello peeps!

Would anyone like to give me some input on my character background. It's always good to have someone to question their history and motives. I would really appreciate any suggestions developing this character. And don't be afraid to point out any spelling or grammar errors. I won't be offended by it I'm a non-native english speaker so it's the only way I'll ever learn :D.

'Righteous' Daniel Nyquist

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Place of origin: Southern Sweden

Occupation: Foreign Student

Personality Traits: Idealistic, naive, good samaritan complex, caring, positive outlook.

Education: College education in Social Studies.

Survival Skills: Former boy scout. Orienteering.

Military training: 11 months of mandatory national service. Light infantry. Experience with small arms.


Daniel Nyquist grew up in a sheltered middle income home. During his younger years he was an avid member of the Swedish boyscouts, he enjoyed orienteering and skiing during the winters. After high school he was called in for 11 months of at the time mandatory national service in the Swedish Armed forces where he trained and served as a rifleman in a light infantry squad.

When returning to civilian life he opened his eyes to the increasing social deprivation since the economic collapse of 2008 and the recent wave of EU migrants that had travelled to Sweden for a better life only to find themselves panhandling on the streets. He began studying Social Studies at the University of Lund in 2013. As part of his education he had the opportunity to be a intern at a volonteer Social welfare center in Chernarus.

He travelled there and began his internship in September 2014 stationed in the city of Chernogorsk in the South Zagoria area. Only a couple years prior this area had been a center of conflict and human rights violations among the civilian population. Although the region had been stabilized by now it still faced the social issues from the conflict. Orphans, homelessness, women recovering from sexual abuse. The work seemed endless. Daniel felt overwhelmed and distraught by the scope of the suffering.

In October the region stirred of news reports of riots in the western parts of South Zagoria. There where all kinds of rumor and whispers about pro-russian rebels, escaped mental patients, military trucks abducting people to 'crazy sickness' and outbreaks of rabies.

The other foreign students left as soon as the official news reports of the infection were broadcasted. Daniel stayed behind to continue helping the center as refugees flooded the city. Daniel was on a errand to the UN center for picking up vital supplies and meeting with military officials when a plane struck the building. He was in the basement storage when it happened. He survived but was severaly shocked by the event. He stayed in the basement for several days or was it weeks? He could hardly tell anymore sitting alone in the basement in complete darkness hearing distant screams and gunfire from the outside. Eventually the screams died out and was replaced by a deafening silence.

Thoughts of family and friends back home filled his mind. "This can't be the end, it can't" he thought to himself. Anger built up within him. He promptly got up on his feet and instantly felt light headed. He stopped to gather himself before he went further feeling his way through the darkness to the door. He found a emergency flashlight with batteries still intact on the wall.

The door was blocked on the outside by a beam that had fell down. He shoved hard and the beam gave and fell down on the concrete floor with a crushing sound. He was now out in the corridor when he heard a bone chilling loud shriek and footsteps closing fast. Fear gripped him. Emergency exit signs had still power left in them and he ran as fast he could. Out through the exit, up the stairs to the outside, down to the harbor and along the coast. When his legs gave up he looked back on the ruined city, smoke towering high up in the sky and buildings riddled by explosions and bullet holes. He turned around, checked his flashlight, noted a few landmarks in the terrain and continued up to coast.

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  • Emerald

It's a good backstory in my opinion.

It reads easily and gives you a good immersion.

Good work I'd say!

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