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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-18 07:57

Server shutdown 9th of March 02:05

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The server has been shutdown due to issues regarding the tradepost and the surroundings.

It should be back up at about 6-7 AM GMT, and hopefully working as it should.

We're sorry for ending your play session, but we thank you for your understanding.


The Server Staff

//Zoarial: At 6:41 UTC+1 i restarted the server which hopefully will solve the connection issues, if the same problem persists it will be shut down again until Rolle can have a look at it.

////Zoarial: At 7:46 UTC+1 the server appears to be running stable. I will leave it up for now. Rolle will have a look at the files and if there are any issues when he has a free moment after he gets up he will handle it then.

Other wise the server is up for the time.

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The server seems to be a whole lot more stable now.

zeds react properly to headshots now, no more lag, no more items that refuse to be picked up.

Whatever you guys did, it worked. :)

Good job everybody.

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