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Server time (UTC): 2022-09-26 13:34

baned then unbaned then baned????

Guest A K

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:


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What would you like to achieve with this appeal:


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so i joined the server, ran to a barn were i see 2 guys. i try talking to them but my dayz is glitched and m mic is not picking up, i hear no sound and cant move m inventory around. i type // occ mic is busted brb. i log back in and im not were i logged out but closer to green mountain. so i run there and its empty. i take a jog to the town south of gm and hear a gas station explosion.run into 2 guys and we start talking . mid sentence i get banned.... get in ts tell my story, looks like im cleared and g2 go . rejoin the server play for about 45mins then im banned again . still dont know what going on a lil info would be nice

just noticed i mashed the questions with the awnser fairly bad lol but hope you get the just of it.

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i have noticed plenty of staff members look at the post yet no a word. I would like to be able to play tonight is what im getting at.

What you like to do and what you get in the end are often 2 different things in life. You have to wait till we, the Admins, look over the evidence and come to a conclusion. You need to have patience.

Bumping your appeal will not help.

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Not trying to bump my post but i would like to have this resolved.If i need to jump on ts again i will.

Do not bump your appeal again.

As you have already been told multiple times, your appeal will be reviewed by the staff team in due course.

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Hi A K

After talking to several Staff members who where there for the situation at the time you showed absolutly no respect, got agressive and offensive.

In order to prevent more damage to the Server caused by hackers, which we suspect you to be, we will not unban you. This is our right to do, weather you like it or not.

Your behaviour itself showed no respect and we don't need people like that.


Appeal denied. Ban holds.

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