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Let's see who is the tallest person here in the community!


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  • Sapphire

I am 6'6.

I'll try to keep this up to date, with who is the tallest and the shortest of the tallest. A top ten.

Tallest Male:

1. Baron 6'7

2. MetalxTongue 6'6

3. Samaritan 6'6

4. Frenzy 6'6

5. Vegas 6'5

6. AndreyQ 6'4

7. Valkerion 6'4

8. Jack Allen 6'4

9. relyTyler 6'3

10. Cleric Underwood 6'3

Tallest Female:

1. Mystearica 5'11

2. Terra 5'11

3. Lunabug 5'10

4. WeedyWine 5'7

5. Stage 5'3

6. callmeKattica 5'3

7. Mischief 5'2




Didn't get to stay in the top ten:

Tomeran 6'3

Echo 6'2

Rolle 6'2

Radec 6'2

simiskovich 6'2

MrEnderMC 6'1

DeadKiller 6'

Alan woods 5'11

VittoriaK 5'11

Brad Hitt 5'10

Ghost of Tnky 5'7

The measurement we will use is feet(ft') and inches(in."). I don't want to go through the trouble of converting a bunch of different measuring systems.Thank you.

The order of people in the list that are the same height will go by who posted first. This will allow me to bump people off and add the new person to the list. If you are the same height as someone that was already listed you won't get added to the OP. They are they because they were in the top ten.

Smallest Sung 7'6 :troll:

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Got me beat 6'2 in boots

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  • Sapphire

5'7. I cri eritim

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  • Legend

6'1 ___

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  • MVP


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  • Sapphire

I'll put my name on the list until it gets bumped off. 5'10

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6'5 or 6'6.. Cant be that specific... :D but I have been tallest in anywhere I have went or attended in a group scale. Its even ridicilous to stand in public transport and look at everyone from above. :(

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  • Sapphire


last time i checked

Its even ridicilous to stand in public transport and look at everyone from above. :(

I know that feel after work standing in the train station and I can just see over everybody....

Cant have been fun for my Ex either she was only 5'4

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