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Benjamin 'Le chasseur' Gardet

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The name of my character is Benjamin Gardet and currently he's 37 years old. If the name seems french, it's because it is. Benjamin was born in France, and for the first 7 years of his life he was raised in a small, yet active, town in southeast France called Buis les Barronies.

7 years old he was pulled out of school, his friends stripped away from him and his comfy neighborhood gone, when his dad got a job at the french embassy somewhere foreign. Benjamin and his parents moved to Solnichniy.

A decade later his dad had died from a long illness, and his mother passed away shortly after that from a broken heart. Benjamin had to make it on his own, and being the intelligent young man he was, he managed it without too much struggling. He grew up, living in Pavlovo, got a wife and two beautiful children. He enjoyed hunting and somehow got himself the nickname 'Le chasseur' which means 'The hunter'.

Beside being an intelligent man, Benjamin is also quite introvert. He rarely speaks, but when he does he's funny. Being french, moving to a foreign country, he had to learn the english language. Now his english is even better than his french. Though, he does still call his family in France once in a while..

..wait, right, not anymore. Not since all of this happened.

The day he lost his wife and children will forever haunt his soul. Being an excellent shot, he had been able to keep the undead off his lawn for quite some time, but on December 13th they broke through the front door. Even with Benjamin, literally, guns blazing, he couldn't stop them from eating his wife alive in front of him. He himself was badly injured, and when they went upstairs, heading for the kids, he almost pulled the trigger with the gun against his temple.

A few months later, Benjamin knows that he's immune to the infection and feels stronger than ever. Motivated by the nightmares, the wounds on his body, the screams of his children, the dying look in the eyes of his wife, he has dedicated his life to killing the walking dead and protecting people in need.

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